KRATOS delivers strength and power back to our clients.

Our mission is to boost your bottom line, while delivering time back to the executives – so you can focus on your core competencies. We find most of our clients are struggling with doing it all, and they have just been doing it for so long, they are not too sure how to change paths; or they have come to the conclusion that they need to streamline, expand, or otherwise improve and require help. We are here to give you objective perspective, help you with the heavy-lifting, and train all stakeholders on embracing and sustaining the change we have all worked so hard together implementing. We assess, strategize, synergize, implement, teach.

We specialize in three month turnarounds – whether it be a smaller project like a failing sales region, or a larger project like a new international division, we have been there and done that, we’re efficient doing it. Let us help you.



KRATOS serves the growing demand by organizations for keen, unbiased, external perspectives in their business.

Our goal is to have measurable, positive impact on our clients’ organization by applying our proven methodologies. We identify opportunities for growth and change, implement strategies to boost your bottom line, and train executives to successfully sustain the change after Kratos’ exit.

KRATOS has proven results across a multitude of sectors including: Energy, Manufacturers, Finanacial, Securities, Technology, Professional Services, not for profit, Transportation, Hospitality, Retail, Government, Health, Education.