Management Consulting | Human Resources, Operations, IT Infrastructure

Everything we do here at KRATOS, we do to make your business better. (And to significantly increase your bottom line, of course.) We offer a range of strategies that are specifically tailored to suit your business’ needs.


The Three Month Strategy

aka Management Consulting

The Three Month Strategy is a deep-dive management consultation with your business – because sometimes you need an outsider to take your blinders off and open your eyes to the possibilities.

We will work closely with you for three months, outlining, implementing and setting everything up for future success, in whatever area of your business you need help moving forward with. We’ll even train your employees to carry the momentum on after we move out.

How It Works

After an initial scope out, in which we determine the critical areas for improvement and growth, and the action that needs to be taken to make it happen, we will settle in for the long haul, to make sure everything goes to plan and that your business gets a much-needed boost (that’s what we’re here for, after all).

We’ll spend 3 weeks gathering requirements and putting our plan together, after which we will present you with a detailed strategy before we forge ahead – ensuring you are on board and in the know. Once given the go-ahead, we will spend the next 7 weeks implementing our strategy – followed by 2 final weeks training your leaders to keep things moving in the right direction after we hand over the reins.

It’s simple: give us three months and we’ll give you a better business.

A La Carte Strategies

If you don’t want to commit to a three month overhaul, or simply don’t think you need to right now, we have plenty of other standalone services that can help your business put its best foot forward, and fix only the parts that are faulty

Business Plan

The big one: we write our business plans in such a way that will make anyone you hand it to – potential investors, shareholders, banks, lawyers… – feel energized to work with you. We will show people with a vested interest in your business exactly how you’re going to succeed, by presenting them with detailed information on markets, financials, products and services – and how the money’s going to roll in.

Action Plan

Overarching business plans are good. (Obviously.) But have you thought in-depth about what the next couple of years will bring, and how you can use them most powerfully to have a positive impact on your business? Our action plans are precise, thorough schedules designed to help you meet specific short-term goals.

Business Strategy

If you’ve decided to take your business in a new direction – whether that means focusing on a new product, changing the way the market perceives you, or simply developing a new organizational process – our business strategies can help. Whatever part of your business is broken, we can deliver a strategy to help fix it – a strategy that will show significant progress around the year mark, and only get better from there.

Business Development Strategy

Do you just know that your sales strategy could be more effective – that you could have a faster-flowing sales funnel, a more efficient sales process, higher client retention rates – but you aren’t sure exactly what changes would make the biggest difference? Or any difference at all? We can help you figure all that out, and more: we can help you identify market segments, attract new customers (and keep the ones you already have coming back for more), manage your leads, build solid relationships in our tech-oriented world, and do whatever you need to do to make more sales in today’s competitive market. We also offer sales training, both onsite and off, and regional sales turnarounds, in which we take businesses from failing to succeeding in six months.

Operations Strategy

Is your business a slick, well-oiled machine? Or is it clunky, inefficient and spinning its wheels? Because if your business is operating with a loose cog – poor management, slow turnaround times, or another clumsy process – the whole machine could grind to a halt. Our operations strategies are designed to make sure solid organizational processes are in place to ensure things run smoothly.

Stakeholder Communications Strategy

Everyone involved in your business has an impact on it – but if you’re not communicating effectively with those people, that impact could be more reminiscent of a wet prune plopping onto a tiled floor than a comet crashing into the Earth (…in a good way). We’ll get our heads down, identify the primary stakeholders (the ones who have the biggest impact) and put together a plan that will improve the flow of communication – and have an astronomical impact on your business. We’ll deliver a detailed report and any tools you need to make it happen, too.

Human Resources Strategy

Does your business seem to be operating a constantly revolving door? High employee turnover indicates that your hiring and retention practices might not be quite as polished as they could be. Our human resources strategies help you figure out how to attract the right people for the right jobs – and make them want to stay with you for the right reasons. After all, you don’t want to invest any more time or money on recruitment, only to have your freshly-trained employees make a beeline for the revolving door immediately afterward, do you?

Employment Loyalty Programs

Our employment loyalty programs are proven to boost employee retention. We conduct thorough research, including staff interviews, to find out just what makes your employees tick – and how to keep them happy while they work for you. Our employment loyalty programs are available on a standalone basis, or as part and parcel of the human resources strategy – depending on your needs.

For more information on any of our strategies, or to arrange a consultation, simply fill out the form below and we’ll get back to you within 48 hours.