Stakeholder Communications Strategy

KRATOS can help you assess your current situation, can research market and competitors, and can providean analysis with recommendationsthat identify new internal and external stakeholders and new markets. A Stakeholder Communications Strategy can be a transformational experience that illustrates how to communicate, the frequency of communication, the right tone and can reveal what is most needed, what is most valuable and how to say it.

A Stakeholder Communications Strategy can engage stakeholders so they feel valued. It can convey the message that your brand, your company and your product cares about the customer. In effect, it is a strategy that results in the personification of a product or service into a recognized brand.

KRATOS can assist with the marketing strategy, marketing plan, communication strategy and stakeholder management to make your Stakeholder Communications Strategy a reality.

Kate Wolfe, CEO of KRATOS Management Consulting, has extensive experience with the development of Stakeholder Communications Strategies. She has created and implemented a nationwide Mentorship Program that resulted in an immediate 25% performance spike and was duplicated worldwide to 27 countries. She has developed Instant Messaging software that enhanced communications between highly technical clients and sales teams who could then more fully articulate their company’s products and services. Kate has also developed a new division for a Fortune 500 company featuring an online mailing and advertising system that invited new business from clients, renewed their loyalty and tapped into new profit centres.