Management Consulting & Project Management

Services Offered:

External reviews, Business assessment, Business analysis, Project management, Business processes, process development, business process re-engineering, business optimization, action plans, product development, market development, new market establishment, new market development, market expansion, market research, market assessment, market analysis, stakeholder communications, internal stakeholder communications, external stakeholder communications, stakeholder communications strategy, communications strategy, company communications, intercompany communications, client communications, market communications, branding communications, branding strategies, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), social media, Google Services creation and management, website development, website creation, website hosting, website revamping, website management, content writing, technical writing, marketing, marketing communications, marketing strategies, marketing plans, media kits, pricing strategies, advertising strategies, graphic design, branding, advertising, advertising campaigns, magazines, messaging, branding messages, branding awareness, creative messaging, creative design, creative strategies.

Business development strategies, new business, client retention, win-backs, client attraction, client satisfaction assessments, customer growth, client management, sales strategies, sales techniques, sales processes, sales reporting, sales training, business development training, client management training, funnel management training, sales strategies, networking training, networking strategies, employee assessments, organizational change, organization structure, organizational trees, organizational resource reduction, employee optimization, employee retainment, employee loyalty, employee action plans, employee satisfaction assessments, Mentorship programs, employee training assessments, employee training programs, employee capability assessments, team optimization.

Key Performance Indicator (KPI) development, new division development, new division implementation, organizational growth, new office, new branch, new market, franchise management, franchise processes, research, planning, strategizing, implementation, management. Business strategy, business consulting, business management, business re-engineering, business plans, business optimization, business operations, strategy consulting, business management consulting, consultants, business improvement, business modelling, globalization, executive assessments, corporate retreats, event planning, vendor management, supplier management, contract management, vendor sourcing, supplier sourcing, contract negotiations, employee contract negotiations, negotiations, consulting, consultants, external consultants, contract consultants, business consulting, PMBOK, Project Management Book of Knowledge, business models, charts, processes, quality control, human resource planning, schedule, projects, inputs and outputs, risk management, risk, time management, cost management, scope management, integration management, project processes, procurement management, matrix, monitoring & control, diagrams, measurements, presentations, reports, newsletters, brochures, display ads, digital advertisements, digital advertising, print advertising, outdoor advertising.

Kate Wolfe Specialties:

  • Business development strategies
  • Stakeholder communication strategies - internal and external
  • New market identification and development
  • Business opportunities identification, strategies, and implementation
  • Sales region turnarounds (3 months - hire/fire/retrain/implement change)
  • Mentorship programs and other employee loyalty communications/programs
  • Website strategies & website development
  • Partnership/supplier relationship management - research, negotiations, contracts
  • New division implementation, multi-geographical, including operational management, organizational change management, and communications management