Action Plan

Action plans are tactical plans to achieve short terms goals that are measured and managed closely, most typically within a three month period and with a great deal of personal accountability to achieve the identified short term goals. KRATOS Management Consulting understands Action Plans are created for teams and for specific teams within a corporate structure: sales, HR, communications, etc.

Action Plans are highly customized and are based on a knowledge and understanding of an organization’s daily activities and daily goals. They relate to individuals and individual personal circumstances and with the goal of keeping each person productive and valuable. It is essential for a successful action plan to know what each individual needs to be happy. Kate Wolfe, CEO of KRATOS emphasizes how important it is “to know individuals and their lives, their personal circumstances and their goals. There should be no dehumanizing approaches to, or demands on, the individual. To the contrary, the goal is to make the individual feel valued, recognized and to help them succeed.”